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Still not here? What I find especially absurd: Codex released their "drm-free-version" of the game right after the Steam-release while the developer still fights technical issues two days later... Come on, that's not acceptable.
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Hi guys,

we hear you. I got word from our QA team that we still need to test a new build and make sure that you will have a flawless gaming experience here on GOG as well.

Come on! I'm dying to play this.
it leaves me the time to replay the first book so i have it fresh in mind when second book will be available
Come on guys. I think the developers have good reasons why they did not release the GOG version at once. Let's have patience. Especially developers are trying hard to improve the situation. But I hope that with the third book of such a nonsense will not happen
They stated the reason! Its a good reason? No, its not! So i dont know what the f youre talking about.
I agree, the reason is not acceptable. The release of games on GOG shouldn't even be one day later than the Steam release. But it's not a singular case (there are also these horrific delays for game updates here on GOG compared to Steam, ranging from some days up to months, there are even versions of games here on GOG which can be considered abandoned). I simply don't understand why all of this happens again and again with game releases on GOG and why GOG-users still seem to be second class customers. Why don't developers test these things properly beforehand?
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i apply to Wolfram.
Besides why doesent GOG put out statment or even write a commentary here. The only anwers we get, is from the Developers. For me it looks like GOG let the Developers solve theyre Problems.

But atm im Happy to play all the good old Adventures here.. loke Loom The Dig....

so lets see if we can celebrate on Monday.

before Christmas...
This is bullshit. Can i get a refund?
Kemsa: This is bullshit. Can i get a refund?
im in.
just to buy it on steam lol

sorry but this is kind of torture to mee
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Revan.396: They stated the reason! Its a good reason? No, its not! So i dont know what the f youre talking about.
Come on. Is it hard for you to wait? In my opinion it is a good reason. I agree with you that this is unacceptable, but what is there is
i wish i hadn't bought it on gog.. that was the last time -.-
Man... I've been waiting months for chapter 2, then it hits but still can't play because I bough it on the wrong platform. :(
I am out buying any future Game from Daedalic at release.
They have failed to deliever either Book 2 or a acceptable explination for the delay.
Hey everyone!

We are still on it to deliver it to you guys.