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Changelog for patch 1.0.2 (added 12 May 2016):

- Tapes should now always translate correctly after loading savegames, also preventing a potential showstopper.
- Fixed a rare glitch state for the dictaphone which could cause the game to get stuck.
- Took care of a showstopper when leaving the room with the safe with the numpad UI still open.
- Shortened the speech clips of a character in the final chapter of the game, they were unnecessarily long.
- Kathy can no longer step on the kid in the cemetery.
- The label next to the checkbox in the options should no longer change to "New label" - when loading some savegames.
- Kathy will no longer freeze out of pure confusion if Goober moves away as she is about to show him an inventory item in the clinic.
- Added a new special cutscene with Kathy and Grandma where they address the emotional discovery in the storage facility.
- Kathy now denies showing the Sheriff a particular item a second time, instead of the game not reacting at all.
- Took care of a visual glitch when showing Grandma one of the tapes from outside of dialogue.
- Fixed a number of cases of mismatching text and VO.
- Fixed a crash if the player would try to remove a tape from the dictaphone during active playback.
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Changelog for patch 1.0.3 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) (added 07 June 2016):

- Fixed a showstopper related to the chase sequence in the final chapter of the game.
- Fixed a crash related to a few pixels of a deleted hotspot near the typewriter in the attic.
- Fixed an error in the French translation, resulting in an invalid hint concerning the poem puzzle.
- Fixed a bug causing the sequence connected to the "Undateable" achievement to not trigger properly.
- Fixed a bug causing the player to be able to unlock "Passive Smoking" without Goober present.
- Fixed a showstopper related to opening the menu in the middle of an action sequence.
- Updated the main menu background to reflect the newest logo design.
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Changelog for update (added 04 December 2017):
[Windows Only]

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Kathy Rain and Kathy Rain [Demo]

Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 08 March 2018):

- Added Polish, Spanish and Italian translations
- Minor bugfixes.