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So I'm intrested in this game, but the few times I've checked, and it's been on discount, it's differnt on GOG from Steam. Currently it's 50% off on Steam, but only 30% off on GOG. if I recall correctly, it was 20% off at one point on GOG, but 30% off on Steam.

It's one thing if the game is only available on Steam, but my prefered platform is GOG, and it's a little bit annoying that GOG doesn't have price parity wiht Steam. Is there any intention to do so? Or will it always be cheaper on Steam then GOG?
Hi there!
Unfortunately, it's up to my publisher to post sales and they have different schedules on Steam and GOG because of how long each platform requires between each sale.

I'll ask them to do another sale on GOG and maybe you can get it then!

Have a great day!
(I'm the dev)