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If I wasn't burnt out on top-down/isometric games right now, I'd probably buy Jupiter Hell right now. As it stands, though, I think I'll wait for full release. It DOES look a fair bit of fun, though.

From the trailer, the gameplay looks like Sword of The Stars: The Pit with a heavy Doom asthetic.

It really does look like it's heavily inspired by the Doom series, which is a plus for me and the main reason I'm interested. And I don't mean just Doom 1/2/3. Flynn Taggart's the main character from the books, and I'm sure there was a Doom RPG at some point which had a similar view. Not to mention the description being full of references.

If there's no suit of distinctive nostalgic armor added at some point, I'll be surprised and a little disappointed.
Did the Doom RPG with similar view was DoomRL ( ) ?
Because if so, this is a spritual successor to that game by the same dev :).