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Hello marines! It's time for the first content/feature update! 0.8.1 is now deployed and you should be able to download it.

Please note there's no save compatibility - your previous run will be silently deleted. Your progress and statistics should stay unaffected.

We've implemented a lot of changes and features, many of them suggested by the community - you might find one you suggested in this list :).

As far as new stuff goes, you'll mostly notice the damage types - EMP, Toxic, Fire, etc. Barrels now behave differently based on color, old enemies might have new attacks, and cyroreavers and toxic reavers will introduce you gently to the new damage effects. And to turn the tables you have access to new grenades - EMP and Gas (note that the old grenades have changed colors). There's a lot new exotic (magenta) weapons too!

Speaking of weapons the cell-weapon tier has been added - rifle, pistol and shotgun (bye bye armor :P). They all do plasma damage, which mostly behaves like pierce damage.

Early game benefits from slightly different gear between classes and a new Level 1 generator that eases into a given run by providing a more balanced first level clear. We also balanced armor and health drops a bit.

We're slowly working on improving Io too - you'll find the new Blacksite special level to be something a bit different from the old ones :).

AI has been more agressive. We'll be working more on the AI later, but you should definitely be able to kite demons now.

Angel of Shotgunnery has been moved to a higher rank requirement, and Angel of Carnage (which is subjectively more fun) has been unlocked in its place instead. AoSh should be easier now though, as we allow the use of grenades (and the plasma shotgun eats armored enemies).

Tough as Nails has been reworked to reduce the accuracy penalty instead of pain, and do it on a 50%/100% level.

UI wise, we've added a item description modifier (SHIFT or LTrigger on pads), which allows you to see the stats of a weapon on the ground (and compare them to the held weapon - nicer UI improvements comming to this later!), but also allows you to use the pickup key while held to use the item immedately from the ground.

Finally some visual improvements were done - to the particle and sprite effects and icons and to the visual rendering equations.

Full changelog below!

Content updates

NEW #682 - several new exotics added! (magenta weapons)
NEW #524 - energy cells and plasma weaponry!
NEW #686 - Blacksite special level!
NEW #688 - starting gear - small med for Marine, .44 revolver
for Scout and accuracy mod for Tech
NEW #716 - cryoreavers and toxic reavers added
NEW #524 - former CRI may carry plasma weapons
NEW #715 - fire fiend sets you on fire
NEW #540 - Barrels are now different - red ones have a larger
explosion, blue are cryo and green are toxic
NEW #726 - two new types of grenades - gas and EMP
NEW #685 - Callisto 1 is now a small level with it's own generator
CHANGE #682 - exotics have same mod restrictions as advanced weapons
CHANGE #643 - Tough as Nails now reduces pain effect on accuracy
instead of pain (by 50/100%)
CHANGE #643 - Hunker Down now requires a level of Tough as Nails
CHANGE #676 - fixed lootbox bug- much more consistent counts on HARD+
CHANGE #676 - buffed armor health a bit and repair kit rarity - added
guaranteed armor boxes
CHANGE #716 - Containment Area has now different reavers
CHANGE #692 - AoShotgunnery now on moved to rank 3, AoCarnage rank 1
CHANGE #692 - AoShotgunnery now allows grenade usage
CHANGE #682 - slight nerf to CRI SMG, buff to JAC SMG
CHANGE #702 - slightly buffed grenades - more armor stripping to krak
and more damage to frag
CHANGE #675 - demons no longer ignore the player if out of sight
CHANGE #675 - AI properly retalitates if fired from beyond sight
CHANGE #705 - minor changed to the boss fight
CHANGE #711 - A-mods decrese fire-time by 20%, B-mods decrease reload
time by %20 (instead of 30%)
CHANGE #710 - minimun spawn distance from player increased by 1
CHANGE #685 - .44 ammo is more common on Valhalla Terminal
CHANGE #734 - SMG swap time reduced to 0.5
CHANGE #680 - AI groups keep patroling given area instead of walking
around the whole map
FIX #640 - "Mag size" instead of "Clip size"
FIX #675 - chargers wont charge through doors anymore
FIX #675 - AI wont get stuck behind boxes anymore
FIX #688 - AoLT scout now properly starts with 3 slots
FIX #710 - europa_03 sometimes missing elevators fixed

UI/Game/Visual updates

NEW #706 - chance to restore game progress on game crash
NEW #693 - you can now abandon a game instead of Save and Quit
NEW #677 - hold SHIFT/LTrigger to view/compare item on floor
NEW #678 - SHIFT/LTrigger + G/A use item from floor
NEW #679 - option to reduce or turn-off the text typing animation
NEW #689 - option to separately configure CRT geometric effect
NEW #673 - What's new/Changelog screen
CHANGE #677 - grenade info is shown in SHIFT mode and inventory
CHANGE #726 - frag is now yellow, krak is red
CHANGE #695 - Enemies left on level info on character screen
CHANGE #472 - animation and move speed now dependent on ingame speed
CHANGE #471 - smoke fx upgraded
CHANGE #728 - Improved Vulkan and OpenGL init and error reporting
CHANGE #674 - added GoG Galaxy integration and achievements
CHANGE #684 - integrated MacOS version for GoG
CHANGE #737 - improved linear space color calculations for particles
and sprites and ambient light calculation which now
finally uses correct linear color space
FIX #735 - fixed ui icon blending issues
FIX #725 - improved decal rendering on curved surfaces
FIX #724 - rendering of ammo shells on ground
FIX #720 - potential fix for loading non existing material
FIX #675 - potential crash when saving game on Io fixed
FIX #472 - fixed animated particles - now starting from index 0
FIX #472 - proper loading of status effects on player
FIX #471 - animation fix for particles
FIX #724 - fixed ammo shell decals on floor
FIX #707 - minimap no longer renders over the UI

Apart from a potential bugfix release, the next update (0.8.2) probably will appear in two weeks, however it will be slightly lighter on content, as we'll be half or this period attending Gamescom. You can expect further gameplay improvements by that time though!

Thank you, and good luck!

EDIT: Hotfix 0.8.1a
We had two serious bugs that we needed to fix (fire fiend burn crash and Angel equipment issues) - and took that opportunity to do a small balance patch, changes below:

CHANGE #740 - moved Military Barracks to level 4 as intended
CHANGE #744 - you can now compare armors on ground
CHANGE #743 - allow numbers, underscores and apostrophes in names
CHANGE #741 - plasma rifle minimum range reduced
CHANGE #741 - plasma shotgun shot cost reduced to 4
CHANGE #741 - more formerCRI spawn (increase plasma weapon drop rate)
CHANGE #741 - cold status buffed slightly
CHANGE #741 - slight buff to mod drop rate
FIX #--- - fixed crash related to dying from fire
FIX #742 - pathfinder check on Anomaly, no longer unreachable exit
FIX #740 - fixed Military Barracks issues
FIX #739 - fixed challenge equipment (AoSh, AoC and AoOC)
FIX #--- - particle brightness not dependant on active light count
FIX #--- - particles are now visible on shader quality 0
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I'm not sure if this is a bug, but you can't compare worn armor with one on the ground.
Cool stuff, thanks! I'm a big fan of DoomRL and AliensRL and I really like how this is shaping up.

I haven't seen a bug report forum, so I will just plop those in (sorry if it's inconvenient)

I'm not 100% sure on this (since it's kind of difficult for me to verify), but i think that if there is a crate between you and a melee fiend that is trying to charge you he will still hit you, despite the crate blocking the path (both you and the crate are damaged) like so:

I also had the game crash when using a scavenger perk and trying to pick up ammo, while having no weapon equipped (although that was in 0.8.0 - not sure if it is fixed)

Good luck with future updates!
The compare Armor thing is a bug, and we might hotfix it in a upcoming bugfix patch. The crates/fiend relation technically should be fixed, but maybe some cases were ommited - this happened on the recent 0.8.1 version yes? The scavenger bug was fixed in 0.8.1
epyoncf: The crates/fiend relation technically should be fixed, but maybe some cases were ommited - this happened on the recent 0.8.1 version yes?
Yes that is correct.
Hotfix deployed!
epyoncf: Hotfix deployed!

Other things i have noticed:
The ADV 9mm auto rifle has the icon of 7.62 variant not 9mm one.
The game crashed when i burned to death (IDK if that is what caused the crash)
I don't think that the chainsaw works (well, it makes the noise, but doesn't seen to do much else), and it seems to be a usefull wepon on AoLT. I have tried using normal fire, targeted fire, walking into enemy (which btw wouldn't work diagonally) and nothing really happens.

Edit: Also is this some kind of super secret room, or did the door didnt spawn? :P (i think there might be enemies still inside there, also the room below is a vault - in case that matters)
Post edited August 18, 2019 by wulogiks