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high rated
We promised fast updates, so lets start today :)

We'll start our updates with a bugfix release 0.8.0a to address most issues that we have found thanks to your reports!

Changes (sneaking into a bugfix release)

CHANGE #651 - PBR lighting improvement
CHANGE #651 - minor performance improvement pass
CHANGE #651 - improved performance of shader quality 0
CHANGE #651 - improved shadow filters
CHANGE #666 - music for a given area is picked from a set and not sequentially (starting music random)

Graphical/engine/launch bugs

FIX #637 - fixed white screen only on old OpenGL cards
FIX #657 - fixed highlight bug on Intel Iris on macOS
FIX #646 - macOS random freezes fixed
FIX #649 - decals on OpenGL are no longer dim
FIX #651 - reenabled volumetric on Intel GPUs
FIX #665 - wrapper linux script now supports launch options

Gameplay bugs

FIX #636 - fixed crashes on level change
FIX #638 - home button no longer crashes the game
FIX #610 - Containment Area, Anomaly and Arena properly indicate cleared
FIX #660 - shottyman will now correctly reload shotguns with extended mags
FIX #662 - shottyman will not trigger the no ammo alert on every step
FIX #663 - fixed crash on ammo pickup when wielding Chainsaw and having Scavenger
FIX #661 - target mode will not trigger when no weapon is held

The first content (0.8.1) update will come August 15th, so stay tuned!
Thanks for the update! I've been really enjoying the game.