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I'm really enjoying this game :)
Seriously takes me back to my nethack days but as Doom-like
And I love the BGM

hmmm some features I'd like to see

1) definitely more levels
2) maybe... the ability after killing the end boss to start over with that character and gear or at least just 1 weapon or item
3) explanation of what the perks are you supposedly get for killing the end boss. I don't see any sort of benefit from the "angel of..." stuff, though I see in the changelogs now what it must be
4) more classes if possible, but would require some real planningwith some penalty, or unlocking of normally unavailable perks for some classes... ex: scavenger for marines?
5) ability to unload weapons for when we get really tight on some ammo, like I got a really nice SMG and used it so much I couldn't keep it loaded with 9mm, so being able to unload all the junk guns would have helped a little I guess
6) stop it from losing some settings randomly or after updates? like the skip tutorial setting
7) very unroguelike, but maybe a respawn after death