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* I'd never noticed ambient light sources before this update. The first time I shot a rocket into a room and turned it dark was cool.
* Dark level reducing vision range changed how I dealt with Callisto Anomaly. I used to think that the .44 rifle was essential to pick off enemies that spawned out of range. It's still useful there, and still useful through most of Callisto, but less overpowered.
* In mod-drop heavy games, additional headslot gives more slots to build up armor/accuracy bonuses.

Now we can get two Aim Assist sources (armor and visor). Do those stack?

Just downloaded 0.9.3
I'm confused by what is meant by "overkill." I doubt its "damage in excess needed to kill"; I've shot a fiend with one # remaining from range 1 with a shotgun, which didn't gib. Is it "death on critical hit"?