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Haven't finished a game yet. Haven't even gotten to Io more than a few times, but that's probably because of lack of time to play. and also because I've been trying to use the scout instead of the marine (I haven't quite wrapped my head around hitting "5" before I take massive amounts of damage.)

> NEW #0947 - new enemy - Sentry bots! 3 variants

I haven't really found a consistently good way to deal with these yet, and they mess with my practice of always opening doors and rounding corners with the shotgun in hand. I still do that but I also find myself "opening" doors with 9mm ammo more often than before. :)

> NEW #1170 - new branch - Mimir Habitat

I'm sure you're already aware of this by now, but just in case...the new level sometimes spawns a desk in front of a door.

> NEW #1170 - new special level - CalSec Central!

I was surprised by the twist.

One thought is that if I want to keep the keycard for Io, then Valhalla Command generates 6 items (of which I can potentially keep 5). Mimir generates two (and perhaps it's just happenstance, but one of them always seems to be the Jackhammer.)

> CHANGE #1168 - no more annoying corner turret

I wonder what you mean by this. Because I get turrets that generate next to the junction of two walls of rooms-within-rooms. Was this a more specific situation you're talking about?

That said...I think that turrets generating under cover is not necessarily a bad thing. Randomly generated "goddamnithowthehelldoIdealwithTHIS?" is part of the fun of roguelies.

> CHANGE #1153 - you can no longer hit things beyond vision range

I'm not a fan of this change, since in 0.9, turrets sometimes meant that I'd have to decide whether to explore around the turret-room to find some better firing angle on it (and maybe risk getting flanked by enemies that wandered through the room I didn't finish clearing), or fire at it now while potentially taking damage. It gave a bit more to consider when exploring a map. Now, you almost always have to see the turret to hit it, so there really isn't much reason to try to move explore the surrounding rooms first.

I don't know whether I'll stay not-a-fan of of this change. There are plus sides to having the optimal way of dealing with bots not including spending long periods trying to snipe that last bot from 10 squares away with a .44 rifle (if I have time to burn, then trying snipe at bots from out of sight can be fun, but this is not exactly in line with a coffeebreak design philosophy).

Oh, and for shotguns, radar shootng is still a thing. I don't know if that's what you intended in this change.
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Amp1 and Amp2 show a rifle-heavy kill count, and two amps that don't affect rifles.

AnnoyingCornerTurrets shows two turrets that are in corners.

MimirFortress shows immediately after the entrance elevator, there's a vault that blocks access to the rest of the map. That means there's at least two doors to shoot through, including whatever's inside.
amp1.jpg (500 Kb)
amp2.jpg (438 Kb)
Bad Vault Design: South Vault doors generated, north doors did not.
Unreachable enemy: Self-explanatory.
SecureVault1 shows a level with no evident computer terminal.

SecureVault2 shows the interior of the vault after I shot my way in (with a shotgun, no less, since I'm playing an AoShotgun run). The expanded map shows that there is no normal entrance to the south room.

I'm not going to waste the shells to shoot my way through a second vault door (if this were a normal run, I would, but then again, if this were a normal game, I wouldn't be on Callisto 4...), but it's pretty clear that the terminal probably spawned in an unreachable room to the south.
If you use radar shooting on the Summoner, it doesn't actually summon. I messed up in taking the screenshot, but just finished an AoSh run. Bloodhound, Army of Darkness, a 12g shotgun with 2 power boosts (initial ADV bonus and Pmod), Army of Darkness and a Summoner that doesn't live up to its name made the fight...well, even more trivial than it usually is.

I noticed that videos of 0.9.2 are floating around, and I assume it'll land here any day now., so it's probably too late to request new features/

For the version after that one, I'd like to request some more information in the winning mortem files. Damage taken during the whole run (well, ideally, damage taken per level, but that seems like it'd probably be too cluttered), and a note about the enhanced characteristics of ADV weapons you're holding on to in the end.

The former seems useful for keeping track of one's ability to maneuver to cover, and the latter seems useful for helping to remember what are plausible end-game loadouts.
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