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Trying to run the game on Windows 10 with a Geforce 1050 Ti card (updated drivers). Game opens a console window for an instant before crashing.

Here's my error log:

00:00:00.01 [NOTICE ] Logging started
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE ] library "steam_api64.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE ] library "steam_api64.dll" : failed to open!
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE ] Configuring...
00:00:00.01 [NOTICE ] library "lua51_64.dll" : loading...
00:00:00.02 [NOTICE ] library "lua51_64.dll" : failed to open!
00:00:00.02 [CRITICAL] library "lua51_64.dll" : failed to load!
00:00:00.02 [CRITICAL] Abort called : Can't load library!
00:00:00.02 [CRITICAL] in d:\a\1\s\nv\src\core\ (void __cdecl nv::library::open(class nv::string_view))
00:00:00.02 [CRITICAL] Aborting...

The lua51_64.dll file is also in the game directory. Any suggestions for how to get it to load?

This question / problem has been solved by olgierdhimage
Hi! Please make sure you have the Visual Studio 2017 redistributable package installed. Most probably this is the issue.
Awesome, that did the trick. Excited to dive in, thanks for the help!