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As the topic states: Currently (0.8.0(beta)), if you play the tutorial, the prompts to use specific keys seems to be using their default mapping, regardless if a user changed it or not.

It's not a big thing, but I thought I'd point it out as a cosmetic issue - I don't know how many newbies to roguelikes this game will draw, but it drew me, and that was my one issue with the tutorial.

Apart from that, as a somewhat informed newcomer to roguelikes (I tried a text-based one for a bit, but I'm too coddled by graphics, I guess, and could not really get into it), this game works for me.
I love that there's both explicit, "told" information (such as how many hit-# a creature still has), but also that there's a ton of "shown" stuff, like how hunter's rifles crap out if used in close quarters.

Also, for some strange reason, stuff that I'd find "unfair" in other titles (three grunts spawning next to the start of a level, with no cover for my Flynn to be found, or ArchReavers 'porting in right next to him) leave me relatively relaxed here; The gameplay just is so intuitive and fun that getting to the next level is just as much fun as starting over.

I am looking forward to what you'll be doing with this game in the future. Haven't been this satisfied with a game's atmosphere since, well, Doom and Diablo.
This is quite a bit work, which at the state the game is we'd rather spend now on adding content and gameplay features. This is definitely something that we want to address before Full Release though!

That said, it make sense a bit, as in that the tutorial suggests the default controls. They have been tailored to the game despite seeming a bit non-standard. Case in point - many people instinctively want movement on WASD. This makes sense in most games, as movement is pressed relatively not often, and all the work is being done by the dominant right hand (left-handed people obviously have it different). In Jupiter Hell however, you'll mostly be mashing direction keys. We tested this out on several people, and WASD is simply more tiring to play on the long run then arrows. That's why it's not the default setup. We wonder on how to communicate this better :/. Dunno if this is the thing you rebound, but that's what happens most often.

Also, thank you for the really kind words <3
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