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I've attached a composite of screen shots to illustrate the problem. At 10-o'clock I have an unscaled, 640x480 frame from the game. At 1-o'clock I have an ACTUAL SIZE detail of Arthur (for comparison). At 6-o'clock I have an unscaled, 640x480 frame from the Options screen...

...What's happening to the Options screen?

My best guess is that for Quicktime & static graphic content, the scaling is being computed based on screen height, but for Resource content (fonts, checkboxes, etc.), the scaling is (erroneously) being computed and positioned based on screen width.

My display is UHD (3840x2160).
The game screens are being properly scaled from 640x480 (the game's data) to 1880x2160 (my display). That's a 450% scale factor (=2160/480).
But it appears that the Options screen's, Resource elements may be getting scaled by 600% (=3840/640) instead of by 450% (=2880/640).
I can easily imagine that Windows is queried for screen width and it (correctly) returns 3840 pixels, and then the Resource scaling and positioning is being (incorrectly) computed based on that.

...This is all pure speculation on my part, of course.

Is there a workaround for this problem?

Warm Regards,