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I purchased Pegasus Prime (actually, I purchased all 3 games a while ago and then bought again via GOG so they would play on my newer computers; I love these games that much). I am playing in Vista on a Dell Inspiron 1720.

Here's my problem:
When I finish the third mission, the game is not recognizing any of the missions as complete, although I've collected all biochips and even played through Sinclair's comments on the optical chip. One of them even says "resolved" when I display the AI chip and then changes to "unresolved" when I jump back to the present. Because the game saves a little oddly (it saves alphabetically rather than chronologically), I thought I might have picked up the wrong thread when I restored, but I'm not sure I see how the game thinks I've got unresolved quests when I have all biochips, the optical chip with all 3 of Sinclair's cutscenes, the empty argon container from morphing the robot in New Sydney, etc.

Please, has anyone got a save from late in the time missions or know of a patch or something that will fix this without my having to replay the entire game? I remember it fairly well, and there are certainly YT videos, but it's just not the same as playing it myself.

Thanks, and let me know if any other info would be of use
Karen Webb
(Big fan and really pulling for a crowdfunded Journeyman 4. Arthur ruined me for any other sidekick except perhaps Crow in TLJ)
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If this third mission happened to be the World Science Center (2310), it is indeed possible to defeat the robot and obtain its biochips, but still have the mission status come up as "unresolved" if you use the Pegasus biochip to manually recall back to TSA. You still have to retrieve the robot's weapon (which is from the "future", relative to that time zone) before this final mission is resolved. If you have to return to the World Science Center, you may be able to save time in your second trip as you would not have to build the antidote all over again if you already have it in your inventory (just pull it into the main window to use it again).

On the other hand, Mars (2185) has a special case in which you can actually destroy the robot and still resolve the mission without obtaining any biochips, though it may make it harder for you to complete the other time zones without the robot's biochips to assist you. For more answers to FAQs, please visit the official page at