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Today my GOG client downloaded a 5 GB update of the game. What's that?
Now I can't access my saved game (it just shows the "you displeased the gods" text, and I can't even go back to Ginnungagap) and there's a blank option in the main menu - if I select it, it says "loading", but nothing happens.
OK, I disconnected the controller, tried to start the game again with mouse and keyboard, same problem.
But then the game dowloaded another 1,3 GB update, and now I can play with m+k. The save game is restored, and the "blank" space now is "Valhalla mode" (I already finished the game once).

Same problem happened to another game in my library, Strahd's Possession. Updated, can't play. Disconnected the controller, another update, now it works.