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SInce I'm basically a cheerful, nice person, I like Jill to be that way too, so I guide her through the mazes in such a way as to take as few hits and possible and make as few hits as possible, without being killed.

What's the lowest score anyone's gotten playing the game in this way? First: though the shoretst sequence of levels, since not all need to be played; and second, for the bonus: through the longest sequence of levels, where all are played.
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I don't know the answer to your questions but I'm curious if you spent some time to figure it out yourself? I'd be interested to know what you came up with if you did.

Edit: I just realized that you only made this thread yesterday! I just assumed this was years old because this forum is so quiet lol.

I think you could avoid killing most, if not all, enemies. Health pickups are quite abundant so you could face tank all the hits no problem.
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