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In the Flashback episode, in the first Medivo level, you can access a secret level. The problem is: after you complete the secret level, you are brought back to the same position in the first Medivo level where you are warped to the secret level, but the warp is still active so you are immediately sent back to the secret level and you basically become stuck in this infinite loop. Is there a way to solve this issue or do I have simply to accept it and avoid the secret level so I won't become stuck in this loop? I'm playing the GoG release that comes with the Secret Files expansion.

The images attached are displaying the location of the secret if anyone wants to recreate this issue (you have to make a running jump to the right to reach the secret in the wall)
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Yeah, Jazz 2's secret level system was not really finished by the time the game shipped... that may be part of why Gargoyle's Lair is the only secret level it has. There are a few ways to fix the problem by editing the level... here's one of them: