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Hey Onix Games,
I installed a couple of days ago your FREE game Janosik via the offline installer "setup_janosik_1.5_(64bit)_(47481).exe"
and when I ran your game my firewall immediately reported an outbound attempt connection of nw.exe to the IP port 443

Please provide the following:
-The purpose
-Details of the information collected and transmited
-The Privacy Policy agreement

As you know, all the offline GOG installation game files have an EULA (End User License Agreement) acceptance on their initial steps during the setup and I could not find any information related to this data collection neither where I gave my authorization. Also my understanding is your Janosik game does not have any internet related feature (e.g. multiplayer).
Finally but not less important, consider the multiple existing laws applicable to this situation.

Hope you clarify this as soon as possible. Thanks
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Does this still happen? No one on Steam discussion forum commented on this issue...
from what I could tell from a few minutes looking in to it, it's part of the engine he used to make the game because it's based around google's chromium. that's why it pings google.