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This game looks super fun and really well made, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

Janosik and his stories intrigue me, though. I googled a bit and found some overviews and general articles about him, but no collection of his legends. Does anyone know a good site where you can read them? Any language should be okay as long as I can copy the text out to get it machine translated :D
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Here is interesting one:
AntoniaLuisa: A long time ago, Janosik, as a young boy, got lost in the forest. Climbing a tree, he noticed a light in the distance, so he headed there. He ended up in the hut of three witches. The witches saw something special in him and offered him magical items: a shepherd's axe, a shirt and a belt.
Thanks to them, Janosik had supernatural powers. He couldn't get bullets, he could leap over trees, and he had extraordinary strength.
He chose twelve men and robbed only the rich, and often helped the poor with money.
Sorry, didn't look at the forums for a while.
Thank you! He is a really interesting figure, I wonder why he isn't more widely known.
Keep up the good work :)