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Changelog for Update 0.92 (added 27 September 2017):

* There is now a language selection after the sting, with EN language only
* "Isn't it loud enough" grammar corrected
* Fixed soft lock where trying to push the use the steering wheel outside of the car when it had no engine installed would soft-lock player (especially prominent during the tutorial)
* The Bucket, Decal remover and repair kit are now removed during the tutorial as it was confusing players
* Fixed profit tracker outside of Germany not working
* "The city built along two continents." grammar fixed
* Fixed window unable to be rolled down
* Fixed briefcase opening to incorrect letters on driving back
* Fixed a load of send message issues
* Yugo now spawns sea correctly when driving back home
* Fixed graphical issues with some Istanbul Buildings
* Fixed road placement issue in Dresden
* Fixed shaking steering wheel
* Clocks in Motel now work correctly
* Fixed bug where you could interact with the main menu while in the options menu

Changelog for Update 0.93 (added 28 September 2017):

* Fixed being players prevented from interacting with the world or picking up objects
* Fixed some bad logic with curtains
* Fixed issue where driving towards Germany meant waking up in Istanbul
* Fixed Motel spawning blocked off in Dresden
* Fixed another road issue in Dresden
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Changelog for Update 0.941 (added 03 October 2017):

* Fixed engine shake not stopping when fuel tank removed or ignition killed
* Fixed fuel needle not setting to zero when fuel tank removed from engine
* Fixed soft lock when pushing the car with no fuel tank installed
* Fixed some Digital Dash missing reference issues which were causing problems
* Fixed roof rack description typo
* Fixed framerate issue on main menu
* Fixed license plate issue on main menu
* Fixed various hitches on the main menu and cleaned up a load of dodgy code
* Fixed interactions not working after talking with uncle when car was too far away
* Fixed window not winding down at border crossings
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Changelog for Full Release (added 28 March 2018):

* Hello everyone,

Today we are sharing some important news on Jalopy: version 1.0 will drop on 28th March 2018, marking the end of the games in Development period.

* Jalopy has been in development for over three years now, and debuted in the Games in Development program nearly two years ago. Greg has been the sole developer of the project, but along the way we’ve had others help us, including Jeremy, who scored the fantastic soundtrack.

* We would like to thank everyone who has purchased the game so far and has helped to support the game’s development for the past two years. We hope that you have enjoyed watching the game grow and have loved being a part of this road-trip.

* Jalopy’s full launch on 28th March will also see the debut of full translation into 18 different languages. Thanks to the wonderful community translation project, 28th March will see Jalopy available fully translated into the following languages:

* English
* French
* German
* Italian
* Spanish
* Japanese
* Korean
* Russian
* Brazilian Portuguese
* Turkish
* Hungarian
* Chinese (Simplified)
* Dutch
* Norwegian
* Finnish
* Polish
* Slovakian
* Romanian
* Croatian
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Changelog for Update 1.09 (added 20 September 2018):

* Fixed missing items save issue
* Dresden border fence collisions fixed
* Car jack should no longer disappear when driving the car whilst jacked up
* Uncle will only tell player to park near the Motel once
* Fixed issue where bucket and other items would have gravity enabled while the player was holding them, causing some really odd issues
* Fixed item storage load issue
* Collision fix for Dresden border
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Changelog for Update v1.102 (added 09 May 2019):

* New splash screen
* New Language select screen
* Dubrovnik building spawning fixed
* Placing decals in the boot will now correctly remove the preview which blocked access to the car
* Applying decals should no longer block entering the car
* Letenya Hub roads towards shops are no longer grass
* Mirrors field of view adjusted to help with clipping and rendering issues
* A popped tire will no longer ground your vehicle preventing it from moving
* Cursor no longer disappears when talking to Uncle Lufti
* Decal remover now works
* Roundabout near Hungary adjusted to prevent AI pileups
* Duplicate road at home garage removed
* Mirrors should properly render ground (might affect performance, change quality settings if it does)
* Braking power increased
* All engine top speeds and acceleration modified
* The moon is now visible
* CSFR border fixed for returning journeys
* Click back when adjusting key bindings in main menu will no longer soft lock the game
* Item conditions no longer artificially increased when placed in trunk and hitting restart/return home
* Waking up in Yugoslavia no longer has a 100% chance to rain
* Fixed an issue with drop downs in menus not working correctly in all languages except English
* New transitions between scenes
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Changelog for Update v1.103 (added 30 May 2019):

- Language select now has arrow prompts
- Laika magazine modified in Portuguese to fit text better
- Petrol station basket saving/loading revised preventing issues with disappearing inventory
- Crowbar and car jack is now properly accessible in petrol stations
- Traffic lights now change correctly when approached by player
- Wallet in main menu shows correct value
- AI vehicle braking power increased
- When returning home, storage will no longer be destroyed
- Void border around scrapyard/Petrol station fixed in route generation
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Changelog for Update v1.104 (added 02 July 2019):

- Fixed wine and water bottles preventing players being able to use the inventory
- Prevented item swapping on inventory transitions
- Fixed keys not going into the ignition
- Tightened the car steering so it feels more responsive

Standalone installer updated: 03 July 2019.