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I'm continually shocked and appalled that nobody has bothered to make a game that plays quite like this one. It's an excellent concept - you need to be a combination of financier, quartermaster and small unit tactician, working as a small, elite group of mercs to clear out numerically superior foes. There really should be more of games that play like this. You could easily make one of these turn based tactical games about a team of green berets in hostile territory (Hey, US Army? I'd PAY you to play that one. I'd enlist to play that one!)
And yet it stands alone in it's class. I don't think there IS another TBT game out there that is anything like Jagged Alliance 2.
I could go into a long discussion of the game's mechanics, story and gameplay, but really, what's the point? You NEED to play this if you want to consider yourself a tactical gamer.
Not only that, but this game has mod potential, and a lot of it. There's one very, very large mod called JA 1.13, which is essentially a final patch to the game that adds a bajillion new weapons and several new features. There must be at least 250 guns in 1.13. (In your face, Combat Arms) It even comes packaged with a mod that fixes bugs in the original game as well as makes tactical maneuvering much more about fire and movement (surpressive fire becomes MUCH more valuable).
Why am I still talking about this? GO BUY IT AND PLAY IT. NOW.