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It took me whole evening to find this easy-to-install windows patch and to get it work so I thought I would post this stuff here as I coudn't find any topics with this pre-compiled strac build.
JA2-Stracciatella is practically looking an unofficial patch, made by Tron for JA2 that doesn't change the original gameplay like 1.13. Instead it fixes bugs and makes the game generally more stable. Here's a link to Strac Q&A for more info: (Don't be scared by that compiling part, it won't be necessary)
As far I undestand using Stracciatella patch on any platform would normally require compiling it using a dozen different programs and stuff but luckily Centurion, Ddass and bbun (may they live long and prosper!) from ja-galaxy-forum have made this pre-compiled version for Windows with some extra hotfixes that aren't in basic stratciatella. This pre-compiled version is really easy to install.
Here's a link to ja-galaxy topic about this:
And here's a link to pre-compiled Stracciatella download:
Installation instructions in readme were a bit inaccurate imo so here's step by step installation guide:
1: Download JA2 from GoG (or patch retail version to latest official patch 1.12)
2: Download Precompiled JA2 Stracciatella build 7059.hotfix3 (link above, mirror(s) at the ja-galaxy forums.) You will only need this one file for installing Stracciatella patch.
3: Open the stratcialtella rar file, there you will find executable file, rename it to ja2.exe (it is not necessary to rename it but I would recommend it to avoid confusion)
4. Copy ja2.exe and SDL.dll from the rar and paste them to Jagged Alliance 2 directory, overwrite the original ja2.exe and dll when windows asks about it.
5. Now run the ja2.exe in Jagged Alliance 2 folder. There WILL BE AN ERROR MESSAGE, it's okay, it's supposed to do that. Just press OK.
6. Now go to Documents and settings/username/My documents/JA2. JA2 foder was created when you tried to start the game and it failed in step 5.
7.* In JA2 folder you cand see ja2.ini, open it with notepad. There is this "data_dir =" line in it. You should lead this to your Jagged Alliance 2 main folder. For me it is: data_dir = D:/Program Files/ Alliance 2
8. Now run the ja2.exe. Game should start in window (alt+enter for fullscreen). Version number should be briefly visible before main menu opens, it should be "1.2 - Walnut (r7059 hotfix3)". If you see this version number install should have been succesfull.
*WARNING: there is also a ja2.ini file in Jagged Alliance 2 folder. IT IS NOT the ini file you are supposed to edit, don't touch it. The ini you are supposed to alter will only be created after you have run the Stracciatella ja2.exe for the first time.
I hope this is usefull.
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Awesome find, thanks!
Recently, Gennady continued the work of Tron who started Stracciatella a Jagged alliance 2 source code based project. Goal of Stracciatella is plainly to fix JA2 bugs and increasing portability while keeping the developer intended balance (in contrast to 1.13)

Recently also high resolution support (1024x768 and greater) was added (see

project page:

MacOS and Winddows patches/builds:

Android builds:
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