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(This is for Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games)

I'm looking for someone who would be nice enough to help me correct the subtitles of the files "Aim.edt" and "Day.edt" which are both in the "EDT" folder.

As I explained in a previous topic, my goal is to get the dialogues/quotes of the mercenaries that appear only in the multiplayer mode to make a video.

Unfortunately for me there are often parts of the subtitles that are incomplete or missing and therefore they are not 100% accurate.

So even if I have transcribed some parts of the text, I'm still struggling with some words that I can't understand, so I've done all my work on 50 characters for the moment, in fact it would be enough to help me find/correct the missing words, of course I would provide my work namely: my two text files as well as the dialogues in the form of wav files.

Thanks in advance.
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Here is my work on these two files :