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Deadly Games is the one game on my Gog shelf that won't spend any more time on my hard drive. I like some strategy games but I just find it vomited out crap. GOG should of had better free game offers to the early members.
It's a strategy game, so you need to learn a lot before you master the game. Maybe you didn't give the game a chance? What did you not like about it?
You took the time to complain about a game that didn't cost you a cent? Seriously?
I purchased Deadly Games way before it was gifted, and I enjoyed the game. :)
Deadly Games is great. I use to play with the game editor a lot back in the day and make my own missions. Multiplayer was so much fun too, had a blast playing that.

It's not better than Jagged Alliance or Jagged Alliance 2 in singleplayer gameplay, but it is still a fine tactical game with everyone's favourite mercenaries.
Deadly Games is meant as a MP game of JA and was never really meant to be a SP game. That's why it sucks as a SP game.
I actually think Deadly games is better than Jagged Alliance 1 because there is less micromanagement involved, and a few more options in combat. As single player game it's very enjoyable.
Jagged Alliance 2 is probably more fun, but the micromanagment bit is extremely tedious and time consuming. So if you want more combat, JA DG is better.
When was this free? And how did I miss it.
DiscoShrew: When was this free? And how did I miss it.
Ah, I must've just missed it then. <<< Join Date.