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I'm in Gamestop sifting through their 100 or so used DS cartridges, and I see Jagged Alliance. For $6, I might as well. Yep, it's what you'd think: it's JA 1 on a handheld. The interface is hard to understand and unintuitive at first. Like, to crouch or sneak, you hold the stylus down on the character for about half a second, and a new menu pops up. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually not too bad. Feels a little wonky still. I only played one battle so far, but I like it.

It's got the characters and the voice acting. I don't know if it includes the little touches, like Pops forgetting what he was doing.

The thing that sucks is the AIM interface. You only have left and right arrows to choose mercs. You can't bring up the entire list on the screen at once.

Strange, I have Fire Emblem for 3DS, and I think I am going to log more time on Jagged Alliance DS.