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low rated
It's been 20-30 years since I started playing Jack the Ripper 2. I found out late, that it was kind of a catapult seat. Like if you feel a lot of stress and then put on some music, the sounds can stimulate the penis of stress, so you have to be ill in order to like the music.
I was ill - bored - and this game was exciting about killing and nuisance about stuff to toggle traumatic like eating potato chips with exciting salt and peper/chilly, one mistake and you're dead - booooam up in smoke.

So the point is, that an alarm killing you incriminates to spoil. What is causing your headache, get rid of that instead of becoming addicted to music, Jagged Alliance, pills etc. Down this "road" you'll end in coma, virtual existence, reality blind, lured by game developers already preparing your eternity thus with VR technology now, forever salt and peper in a membrane locked up to pretend - like inspired by Star Trek Enterprise AI -, Hollywood succeeding with a final production that keeps your attention abstract in point of no return to tuttifruit.
This is the ponderous time of the decadence of the synaptic reflexes when all curmudgens wonkle in the withering wallabies.
What am I missing? Is this just randomly generated gibberish?
FarTooNice: What am I missing? Is this just randomly generated gibberish?
He ate the wrong type of mushroom and decided to register on GOG only to spill his wisdom down on us.
Arriving of the markov text generation bot had a significant effect in raising the mean intilligence level here, incredible.