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Hey guys I have Jagged Alliance 2 on disc and it has started to play up pretty badly lately. I have read that it doesn't behave well with window 7 OS. The problems I have encountered are crash to desktop during time compression, mercs walking backward very slowly and with that bug the mouse will not move the tactical screen at all.

If I bought the game off this site would it fix this or are people having trouble with the game even with the digital copy of it.
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I would recommend trying V1.13 patch first.

JA2 with the 1.13 patch runs fine on my 32-bit win7 machine
cool I will try that. I have 64 bit windows 7 so I'll see if it works
As of right now, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold is only 5 dollars on

You get Jagged Alliance 2 and the expansion pack, It is the Gold version. It's a great deal. If you're looking to buy another DRM free copy, it's a great chance to get it cheap.

I buy from both sites, so I'm not trying to promote, just trying to help.
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