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Question ( and a problem if it can't be solved)

Hi, i was checking my old games and installed the old Jagged Alliance 2 games

Wildfire is tiny on my 1024x768 default resolution..........
using: setup_jagged_alliance_2_wildfire_2.0.0.7
i hope there is a normal version available cause i cant play this one

other ja2 games show the normal resolution, i have the wildfire also on cd ( somewhere with the rest of my 700 cd so i have to look for it) and that retail was like the original Ja2 games , so how come this one is tiny ?

but i cannot play the game , without using a magnifier :D

check attached images

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Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire 6.08 594 MB
manual (73 pages) 4 MB HD wallpaper 8 MB

Thats weird, the only download is: Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire 6.08 594 MB

Seems the latest patched will replace the older, i'm lucky to have the old files,
replacing the older for newer sound good but sooner or later i end up with versions i cant play
and i paid for the games, if a free game had a version that shows tiny i would not mind ....

Anyway this repalcing and only leaving HD veriosn is not good... (︶︹︺)

check screenshot:

this shows and old version, at start there were more verions now it seems they replace them ?

its dated 27-102014 ( it is stored on an USB drive and read only so the date is kept when i saved it from my account.

Anyway, i do hope i get a fix to run it in a viewable version , cause this game is too tiny..... i need the original back.

Just downloaded the only version, i hope it contains a 1024x768 version :D

screenshot: current_wildfire.jpg
(game downloadpage screenshot)
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