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Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone can explain how to determin the expected duration for various assignments.

For example, the manual states that a number like 23/42 on a doctor means he can currently heal 23 hitpoints per
hour and 42 in ideal circumstances. After testing it seems to be more like 23 hitpoints per ten hours.

When repairing, numbers like 5/5 mean the merc can repair 5 points of weapon condition in one hour. (like the manual

When it comes to militia training, what do the numbers mean here? For example, I have to mercs with 81/81 and 61/61.
How do I determin the training duration for 10 militia?

Finally, on practice and student/trainer assignments, how long does it take to gain a stat point?

The manual is very vague on this subject.
I'm playing version 1.12.