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Everyone knows that usually after 5 or 7 days, if your men have not committed any attack on a sector, you will receive a letter from Enrico that will lower your loyalty percentage.

I discovered and tested a little trick to avoid this, for example: my men are at the doors of Drassen, send a squad, in a sector and during the battle, locate an enemy and hurt him (1).

Now get your squad out of the sector, and instead of receiving the e-mail, miracle your rate will not drop, while normally you receive the-email that lowers that rate. But remember it only "reset the e-mail" and you have still 5 days to capture a sector.

(1) Note that if you kill an enemy before evacuating the area it works too, I did test this thing only in Drassen.

At the beginning of the game, when you are too busy, for example, to heal your men or repair your items, or perhaps to practice in a discipline ("practice" option) this can be very useful.
Post edited January 17, 2018 by thedkm