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I have a problem with JA2. I bought JA2 on GOG 4 days ago and I wanted to play game. Everthing has been working so I patch to version 1.13. After few sec. (in mainmenu or game) the game minimizes me to windows. I hear the sound and I can click on minimized game. After that I am back in action.
but After few sec. everything is same - minimize to Win..

Any idea how to solve it?
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DeathRock: Any idea how to solve it?
There is a small possibility that it's the popup telling you that windows has switched to 16-bit color that is moving you back to the desktop, since you are using 1.13, try launching the game from the ini editor (which automatically sets the color before launching) to see if that fixes it.
THX, It looks like a good idea! I will try to test it more but now I dont have so much time. Thanks again ;-)