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I found new release in the rival shop. Jagged Alliance 2 HD require Wildfire to install (why not JA2?) and cost €3.

IIRC TopWare sell all Jagged Alliance games with exception of JA2 (owned by Strategy First).

What happened with TopWare? They went silence radio for long time and now they did some announcements with Two Worlds2 (HD remake, new DLCs) and now something with JA2.
What next?
Another JA game?
New informations about Gorky 21 (announced in 2011, some mentions in 2014 that TheFarm51 is working on, it but it's not listed on their main page)?
Post edited February 24, 2017 by SpecShadow
If anyone wonders, that 'HD' version TopWare was selling on steam was the 1.13 mod.
It got shut down very quickly by the 1.13 team, and is no longer available.