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One of my mercs can't pick up a timed TNT without it blowing up.
Her AGI,DEX, WIS and EXPL stats are 85 and MECH is 45.
She also has the Technician and Demolitions skills and her background is sapper.
She can place the TNT on the ground and gets prompted to set the timer, but when she tries to pick it up the charge detonates without a prompt to disarm the booby trap.

Another merc with AGI,DEX and WIS stats also at 85, but lower MECH and EXPL stats at 35 has no problem with detecting and disarming the TNT.

What am I missing?

Game version: JA2 v.1.13 7609 (2014 Official Release) (Build 14.10.24)
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GogiNut: What am I missing?
Experience Level for sure.

INT8 bDetectLevel;

// formula: 1 pt for every exp_level
// plus 1 pt for every 40 explosives
// less 1 pt for every 20 wisdom MISSING

bDetectLevel = EffectiveExpLevel( pSoldier );
bDetectLevel += (EffectiveExplosive( pSoldier ) / 40);
bDetectLevel -= ((100 - EffectiveWisdom( pSoldier ) ) / 20);
GogiNut: Game version: JA2 v.1.13 7609 (2014 Official Release) (Build 14.10.24)
Dont know what is changed in this particular mod, but as your question is about JA2, think its of use still. Very unlikely they changed this formula, originated from JA1 too much there, Experience Level should matter much still in 1.13 (also its more reasonable to ask similar questions on bearpit, not here, coz there are some competent users presents, unlike this place).
The thing is that the experience level of both mercs is 2.
GogiNut: The thing is that the experience level of both mercs is 2.
Well, thats why i wasnt sure if i should try to answer it: coz i dont know how 1.13 works. But as its also a question about JA2, it also obviously that ExpLevel value is missed, and that value is important for trap detection. So the answer is simultaneously correct and useless then. Guys on bearpit shouldnt have a problem with answer about it tho, or you could check it in code of 1.13, its public.