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I want to get into Jagged Alliance 2 and there seem to be 3 versions:

- The default patch 1.12
- The 1.13 fan patch
- Stracciatella

Which one is best if I want the bug fixes, but otherwise not too many gameplay changes from the release version? Especially none that make it even more hardcore.
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Just finished the GOG 1.12 version of the game. Had to use DDrawCompat (a DLL wrapper) due to slow fps and set the ja2.exe to run in 640x480 in windows compatibility due to alt+tab no working.

Tried stracciatella but higher resolution don't look so much better and bad mouse accuracy/responsiveness was annoying.

1.13 has so many versions that i didn't know what to download and it seems to make a complicated game more complicated.

All versions have bugs, save often.