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i tried to run 1.13 mod under modern Linux & wine (wine version-7.18), but got error like that:

Initializing Virtual File System failed

sgp.cpp - that file has been mentioned

but Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella and Ja2 original (from gog) are working excellent. So basically i am able to play JA2 in "modern way" but only with Stracciatella solution.

anyone fixed this "VFS" error?
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braf_krk: [...] anyone fixed this "VFS" error?
Apparently someone did.
braf_krk: [...] anyone fixed this "VFS" error?
dr.schliemann: Apparently someone did.
Thanks, i tried this, but issue is still the same
btw this solution is very old
ok, found it.

so basically i have my own wine wrapper which is little changing cwd. I used that wrapper for around 30 games in Linux and never had any problem.

So we need to know that this game is extremely sensitive for cwd - we can use only LOCAL path

for example -

this will work:
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/JA2 && wine ./ja2.exe

but this may not work:
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/JA2/ja2.exe

and also this may not work:
cd ~/.wine && ./drive_c/JA2/ja2.exe

basically if we will have any manipulations with cwd/pwd, then this game can crash.

so topic is solved
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