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Interesting thanks.
So, here are the v1.12 Executables for JA2 Gold in your Language.!AhuMzLvDSptfghHQ_yhTrOAkHyAQ

in German. English, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish and Russian.

For Dutch, French, Italian, Polish and Russin it missed the
Translation table for JA2.5. These are 23 Sentences.
I become unresolved Links in VS6 for zTacticalMessages.
I filled them and use a the Block with the English version.
Only these 23 Sentences.

If you like to see these in your Language. Translate these
and i Compile them. Look in the Message for .... txt

A actual bink32 and mss32 is in the Archive too.

Non JA2 Gold Peoples: Dont forget to upgrade to v1.12

So GOG, nothing stands in the way of offering JA2 Gold for non English speaking players. ;)

Interesting & Trivial in the History:
ONLY the German version was protected with LaserLOK.

Original from Source v1.12
#if defined( GERMAN ) && !defined( _DEBUG )
//#define LASERLOCK_ENABLED << was enabled before v1.02

int LASERLOK_Init( HINSTANCE hInstance );
int LASERLOK_Run();
int LASERLOK_Check();

BOOLEAN PrepareLaserLockSystem();
void HandleLaserLockResult( BOOLEAN fSuccess );
// int TestCall( int n);

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