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I'm not a nub in this type of games, i play very well 40k chaos gate, silent storm, and other turn based games but im giving a try to ja2 stracciatella and seems to be like a troll patch. No matter the difficulty level i choose, the game is always the same, tons of enemies, they find hit from 60 squares away while my mercs miss from two squares distance, i was going to record this but im lazy. I just prefer to ask if the stracciatella patch is some kind of Legacy of Bhaal troll broken modification or what. Should i try 1.13? Vanilla is unplayable.

Edit: i'm making sure my mercs have the blue bar full, i usually pick Steroid, Buzz, Buns, Spider, in other runs i've tried with own made merc with max marksmanship.
Reaching the Drassen mine is like a game in super extreme difficulty no matter which level i chose, novice, experienced or veteran are the three the same, enemies seem to have twice AP, i never get an interrupt! And even if i start to end turns over they just stand ground. After Drassen mine the game becomes a chinese endgame MMO. The squares have 11 enemies, all of them with armor, assault rifles and shotguns, and my mercs miss hits even from small amount of squares and energy bar full.

This only leads me to this question: is it possible to have a troll broken stracciatella fix? Is it even worth it? Is the game meant to be like this? The main issue is the difficulty, it seems extremely super veteran hard even if i choose novice.
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I've never played Straciatella, but I know it's a moderately popular, compatible mod in the community. What you're describing does sound insane, but I suppose if you got a copy with "tweaked" .ini files it might be ramped up to 11.
I'd always go to the Bear's Pit for links and downloads (and help).

Personally I like 1.13, and there's a ton of fun additions and configurations possible.