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I can't load any saved games. I've started over twice, saved on the pre mission menu and during battle, and every time I try to load a game the bar gets about 30% of the way loaded and then I get an error message. I don't even think I need to say how ridiculously unplayable this makes the game....

Edit: This is in JA2 by the way
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You need to either install to a directory outside of c:\Program Files, or run the games as administrator.
Cyhort: I can't load any saved games...
What wpegg is saying. Basically, JA2 creates temporary files and shade tables during play, and windows doesn't like it when anything non-admin writes into Program files. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you can just move the game folder to another location (e.g. C:\Games\JA2), without needing to reinstall it. To keep your Windows clean, you might wish to copy it instead, then uninstall the original - it should work fine.