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Hey there. I've been trying to get into Jade Empire for a long time, but one thing that always annoys me - without fail - is this two second delay (give or take) between snippets of dialogue. Every single time. It's not like KOTOR where the dialogue flows instantly from one bit to the next, it just sort of hangs there. For example, Master Li will be saying something about destiny, then he'll be awkwardly silent and tilt his head, and then he'll continue with the next batch of lines. It really takes away from the story, because a dramatic scene will end up feeling slow and drawn out.

Does anyone else have this? I posted on the Steam forums a long while ago and only got two responses. I'm just a bit confused as to whether there is something wrong with my PC, or if it's there for everyone else and they simply don't mind. The weird part is looking it up on the internet and not finding any mentions of it at all, anywhere, except for maybe one or two posts in different places that are never replied to. It's like I'm in another dimension.

So strange. I can't play it with this problem... it's so distracting! If it was like this in the Xbox version I'd learn to deal with it, but it's not. Anyway, if someone does or did experience this 'feature', do you know if there's a way to get rid of it? Thanks!
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Will someone please answer this, I'm in the same boat and cant find answers anywhere.