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So, played through a bit of the beginning and died to the guy over the crank and reloaded the autosave which took me back to the beginning.

Trouble is all the items I picked up before I died are no longer where they should be and not in my inventory, it's treating it as if I already got them (eg when I try to get the key out of the drawer Jack says he got everything of interest already)...though the locked drawer is still unlocked and I can get the gun from it, sadly though the broom is missing so I'm unable to get the horseshoe to move forward.

Not a huge deal since I can just restart completely and only waste a few minutes getting back to where I was but still very strange, especially as it seemed to have saved my puzzle progress but reverted Jack and his inventory back to the very beginning (eg the neighbor was no longer sitting at the table as if I had already given her the spoon and duster) all the adventure games I've played over the years I have never seen something like this happen before.