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Including new languages, many improvements, changes, and fixes, also based on the overwhelming community-feedback!

Great News Nahus!
Today, we are happy to release a new update, including many improvements, changes, and fixes, also based on the overwhelming feedback we have received from you, the great Community of Nahucan!
But, without further ado, let's dive into all the new things, coming with version!

Quality of Life improvements
- We have added two new languages: Italian and French.
- Controller vibration can now be toggled on/off in the input menu.
- Input plugin has been updated: Enables better support for recent gamepads like the Playstation 5 controller.
- Shards now have visual differences based on their value.
- Added new tutorial hints for sliding and attacking upwards.
- Chests and levers beyond Aracan do not show tutorial messages anymore.

- Itorah now has idlebreaker animations if no input is recognized for a certain amount of time.
- Adjusted Itorah's ledge hang pose, so her hands are closer to the ledge.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to climb walls by abusing wall jump input tolerances.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a bounce when destroying blocks with stomp.

- The Elemental Echoes received from the guardians now show up in the inventory, complete with localized item descriptions.
- Fixed some texts in the menu that referenced wrong localizations.
- Interaction UI for Ahui after the Storm Archives intro cutscene is now positioned above her, for consistency.
- Fixed a bug that caused the particles on the title screen to freeze when returning to it from gameplay.
- Map icon sizes reduced, for better readability while zoomed out.
- Icons in upgrade menus now have a thicker outline.
- Other visual adjustments in the UI.

- Entrances of the Forbidden Ruins, Cradle of the World Tree, Tlalocan, and Storm Archives are now blocked from the moment the player learns the ability in those areas, until the boss is defeated.
- Fixed some flickering lights in Aracan.
- First Aracan key cannot be carried back to the campfire room anymore. The door in the boss room cannot be interacted with anymore.
- The ability room in Forbidden Ruins now requires learning the Walljump ability to proceed, preventing softlocks.
- Fixed a bug where players could ledge grab falling water drops in Icy Caverns.
- Adjusted the camera during the arena in Icy Caverns, so the player can see the flying enemy better.
- Moved the lever at the bottom of Icy Caverns further away, to avoid activation without having the required Throw ability.
- Previously, the lever in the ability room in Tlalocan was placed outside the camera. The camera now zooms out, so the lever can be easily spotted.
- Ember Bastion elevator received a visual rework and is more simple to control.
- Removed a door in Ember Bastion where players could lock themselves in.
- All destructible blocks in Violet Temple can now be destroyed with both stomp and charge attacks, for consistency.
- Fixed some respawn points at certain pits, which previously resulted in Itorah respawning inside geometry or in wrong places altogether.
- Fixed some misplaced colliders in several areas.
- Improved spacing of rings in several areas.

- Improved enemy placement in several areas.
- Rebalanced the damage and health values of some enemies and hazards.
- Fixed animation bug in spore bomb that occurred if the player was already in proximity when the bomb landed.
- Spore bomb damage timing on explosion adjusted, so it matches the visuals.
- Forge Sprite smoke bomb effect now finishes properly instead of despawning along with the enemy.
- Added larger death effects for certain big enemy types, to cover them completely.

- Tocanantli cannot accidentally leave her boss room anymore.
- Tocanantli now correctly triggers her scream during her intro. Claw impact effects are no longer displaced.
- Boss room of Quetzalcoatl's head phase is now framed better to prevent the player from accidentally escaping camera boundaries and seeing the end of Quetzalcoatl's neck.
- Added screenshake on Quetzacotl's bite attack.
- Quetzalcoatl now has a response to being stomped on.
- Quetzalcoatl's head now reacts properly (visual/sound) to damage from throw attacks.
- Quetzalcoatl's beam attacks are now rendered on top of his spike clusters.
- Quetzalcoatl's head now deals proper contact damage.
- Chantico's ground detection has been adjusted, so she does not get stuck in a jumping pose anymore.
- Toned down volume of thunder fire combination attack sound in the violet witch boss fight.
- Final boss now has a response to being stomped on.
- Added new particle effects to the final boss.

- Previously, some characters and objects did not appear/disappear correctly when the story progressed. This has been fixed.
- Various visual fixes in several areas.
- Small visual fixes in some cutscenes.
Thanks for the update! Will you add the Galaxy Achievements on GOG with the next updates?
Yes, please add Galaxy Achievements...
Hey there! Please consider allowing the soundtrack and artbook to be purchased as DLCs for the non-Save the World Edition, or a pass that upgrades base game owners' copies to the StWE :3

I just received and redeemed a coupon from GOG because... I mean, the game looks great, and the StWE was already on my wish list! Problem is that the coupon was only for the base version, and I didn't confirm that the OST and artbook weren't available as DLCs, so now I'd either have to buy a redundant second copy just for that edition (which... wouldn't give an extra giftable copy of the game, of course), or refund the version I just paid for to avoid that.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and have a fantastic day!!