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I can' t get the game to make a manual save - I click the cogwheel and "Save game", but then I don't know how to pick a save slot - I tried clicking on it with both mouse buttons, enter, various keyboard buttons, but nothing happens, game is not saved, only thing I can is to press "back" without saving. Am I doing it wrong or game is just not working? News Galaxy 2.0 Beta and Windows 7. I also tried to remove all "read only" ticks in Irony Curtain folders both in GOG instalation folder and in my home folder, didn't help.

Also, does anyone knows, where I could find maybe downloadable save files for the begginings of the new chapters? I missed tha Pidgeon achievment in the beggining Chapter 3, and as my saves is not working, the only thing I can do is to start from very beginning.
save.png (497 Kb)
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