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Update 1.0.2 (19 May 2019)

- fixed a few active area points for better cursor feedback;
- fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting the Floor Run minigame while Evan is still running;
- fixed sound timing for two final cutscenes;
- fixed errors and typos in the German version of the game;
- made The Butcher's line of business more obvious.

Update 1.0.3 (23 May 2019)

The newest revolutionary update includes:

- fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting MG Floor Run (For Real This Time™);
- fixed a blocking bug that might occur on MG Switchboard;
- fixed a bug that changed the mouse cursor into MG Brick Wall cursor after saving the game;
- fixed a blocking bug occurring on Palace Courtyard with invisible Choir Leader not allowing Evan to use the ladder;
- fixed a blocking bug that made throwing a photo into trash almost impossible;
- fixed a blocking bug that allowed Evan to use oar on the curtain in Leader's Chamber after finishing a minigame;
- fixed a blocking bug that might prevent the train at the end of the game from stopping;
- fixed few typos in English and German language versions;
- fixed a few minor navmesh errors;
- fixed position of a few dialogue pivots.

IMPORTANT! We are trying our best to ensure that fixes work for the games that have been already started, but you might be forced to start the game again in some cases (e.g. bug with throwing a photo into the trash or using the oar on the curtain after finishing the minigame).
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What about versions 1.0.4 and 1.0.5?
I assume one of them is Update #3 (link to Steam's changelog), but what about the other?
I'm just an ordinary forum user, but your post made me check the game version and changelog (and that steam page).
The game is at Version 1.0.5 and the changelog here matches that from Update 3 on steam.

(Note: There is no changelog for 1.04.)

Update 1.0.5 (28 June 2019)

The newest revolutionary update includes:

- added manual saveslots;
- added gamepad vibrations;
- added cheats for GORK Park Competition and for skipping minigames;
- fixed block that could occur while skipping one of the cutscenes in the Hotel with a gamepad;
- fixed some Linux-related sound issues
- fixes in gamepad controls for better user experience;
- minor gameplay fixes;
- minor SFX fixes;
- outlines for active inventory items;
- fixes in German and Polish localizations.

We strongly recommend using saveslots when starting the new game, since older versions may have compatibility issues.
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Hi FlockeSchnee,

I can't believe that I didn't know until now that there's a changelog feature for each game in my library LOL :)
But your reply made me look for an off-forum changelog, and there it is :D
I didn't know if you owned the game already. Sometimes one wants to check if a game is up to date before bying. Don't know why I didn't post that changelog back then. (And still need to check, if I ever actually downloaded Version 1.0.5 myself. :-) )

Well, now you know there is an easier way for games you already own than to visit its subforum and check for a posted changelog. :-D Have fun.
FlockeSchnee: ...
Well, now you know there is an easier way for games you already own than to visit its subforum and check for a posted changelog. :-D Have fun.

I was always astonished that the GOG changelog is in most cases lacking (no updates of changelog) or even
non existent - even though some developers told me that they send the changelog with the update.
Additionally it is at max 2 clicks to get to the forum changelog - it is more complicated to access the offline installer
and get a changelog which is in most cases not up-to-date and where copy & paste is not possible.

I create an info*.txt file for all games I own - incl. product info, changelog, solutions/cheats/guiding material and
installation incl. in some cases changing the game engine or applying workarounds for current HW.
And as this is work I do for myself and I recognized that in a lot of cases this is not done by others in the forum,
I started putting changelogs to the GOG forum.

But it is true: the most important aspect of the changelog is to see if the GOG version is current
(sometimes for some platforms - especially for GNU/Linux - one port is abandoned ...) and
to see if personal important problems may be fixed as noted in the latest changelog - or special
forum post.

So next to the product page forum is of most importance - for me forum is now more important than
the rest - especially reviews are normally without substance - or even completely wrong ... and
technical info should be given on the forum. If you want to avoid trouble - the forum is the 1st place to go.

Just my 2ct. ;)

Have fun!