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It's not a cheat, it's an equalizer. Press Esc and type in latounga, then escape back into the game for full health. Ditto Esc and blindax for ammo. This is not cheating. You WILL get your living ass kicked on your third run through, even using the codes and punching QuickSave every ten seconds because (and/or even though) you know where the ambushes are staged. If that's too butch for you, try a Barbie game.

The bad guys speak Russian as a dialect of German and vice versa. If you don't understand them, you'll miss a lot of the plot and the game itself. Beware: if you thought the cake was a lie, you haven't listened to IronStorm grunts yammering at each other like the idiots in Far Cry. The cake is holy writ. The SUBTITLES are a lie. They probably do kiss their mothers with those mouths.

Hint: If you keep getting sniped in that one level, and you know what I mean, switch to 3rd person perspective until you figure out the German for "Book Depository." Yes, their sniper scopes project red laser dots just like yours, and in a few short hours you can figure out which part of your skull your attacker is aiming at. Duuuuh. Figure out the gimmick and then blast their hands off at the wrist for Pete's sake. Also, if a baby-eating Hun shoots you upon sight of a visible weapon, why not go 3rd person and see what the enemy finds so obvious, DITCH IT, and hang on to the rest of your gear? Good lord, grow a pair already.

I'm going to go install my DRM copy of IronStorm and play through it again right now, come to think of it. Here's a 19-year old rifleman. Here's a 19-year-old rifleman on limitless supplies of amphetamines and brainwashing that the enemy isn't actually human. I wonder why some people find this game distasteful, apart from the human experimentation camps, crime scenes where one side "interrogated" the other with hair driers and bathtubs, and heart-shatteringly youthful faces rendered beautifullly under the gas masks which you discover when you win a fight and go to teabag the AI.