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Anyone else have this flickering issue? It seems more prevalent with 700 series cards, I personally have verified it on a 600 series and an original TITAN.
Yes we are aware of this issue and are exploring a number of older series graphics card. I t appears there is shader commonly used in modern game development which is not supported by some of these cards and results in the flickering you see.
Any fix as of yet? It's still happening on my TITAN card.

Also, when you say "modern game development" could you be more specific? I play a lot of games and haven't seen this issue, but I do have multiple PCs. I'm not doubting an incompatibility but I think if there wasn't a clear workaround that could be done I would be seeing it more, and we would see a lot of complaints across the board from TITAN and 700 series users in many modern games, which I am unaware of there being. What titles could I get this issue to replicate in?

Thanks for the response
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