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Hi all !
I don't know for you but when I "alt-tab" this game and come back in, it's written "Paused" and I can't do nothing !
Note 1 : it's not the "game paused" option with the "pause" key of the keyboard.
Note 2 : this fact appears randomly. Sometimes after 5min the game comes back normaly, sometimes after 5sec the game is "paused"...
Is you have an idea to avoid this (and avoid the fact you lose all the things you didn't saved...). :-)
Have a nice day. :-)
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Have you tried pressing the P key when it pauses like that? Sometimes games use that key rather then the actual keyboard pause to pause and resume a game.
pressing "p" doesn't help
I've also been encountering this problem, but try to save beforehand every time I"m to press alt-tab