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The Steam version of the game got an update to version 1.9 and even 1.9b a while ago, while we're still stuck at 1.8.9. Will we get the update as well? And if so, is there an ETA?
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Meanwhile the Steam version is 1.09c (dated 25 Feb 2020), with many changes and bug-fixes. When is GOG giving its customers the latest version?
For now, I can only inform potential buyers that the current GOG version is more than THREE YEARS behind, while the Steam version is uptodate. During those 3 years a large number of bugs were fixed and new functionality was added.

If GOG doesn't bother to inform its paying customers about the reasons for the delay of more than 3 years in providing the uptodate version of the game, perhaps the developers would like to comment (assuming they have a look at the GOG forum of their game at all)?
Is there any connection with the following little note accompanying the release of 1.09c: "Without extra comment, I will also add that Interestellaria is no longer being published by Chucklefish."

As long as there is no meaningful explanation from GOG, I have to admit (grudgingly) that at least for this game Steam is providing better service to its paying customers than GOG, and this may influence future buying decisions ...