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Changelog for update 1.05 / GOG-2 (added 24.07.2015):

- Fixed crash when using robot crew
- Fixed a crash when hiring Sholdro crew
- Stations no longer lose their repair icon when powered up/down
- Further fixed the issues with wall clipping.
- Further corrected Asteroid issues during combat
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Changelog for update 1.06 / GOG-3 (added 27.07.2015):

- Includes updates from patches 1.05b and 1.05c.

NEW (1.06):
- "Current crew" screen on the side of the screen for easier visiblity of crewmen. Visible/usable in space and on planets
- Shift + click now works for selecting crewmen
- Crew hotkeys (shift +num for crew 1-10, ctrl +num crew 11-20, TAB to cycle)
- Changed the way crew go on/off ships(too many edge cases)
- Adjusted some item drops from space combat
- Slightly adjusted flight time of guns in space combat
- Adjusted the speed of the crew guns
- Adjusted some planet enemies
- Added ship hotkeys (arrow keys to go left/right in your fleet)
- Buy 10 button
- Buy 100 button

FIXED (1.06):
- Kaidun corvette now has its elevator in the right spot
- Fixed a bug where enemy ships capable of self repair... didn't.
- Radiation event now correctly sets female characters to male.
- Ships will no longer get their name cut off on the fleet menu
- Ships should now properly deselect during combat
- Fixed a crash for certain guns with high ammo
- Fixed a bug where stacks could only go to 99
- Fixed a bug where everytime you talked to someone to hire crew, their available crew would always re-randomize

NEW (1.05C):
- Adjusted a few enemy ships
- Added option to skip intro

FIXED (1.05C):
- Fixed a bug with crewmen racial (Sholdro) data not saving, causing problems with loading the game/corrupted save files
- Crew/station tooltips now longer show through ship menu
- Special/unique NPC's (such as the dogs) can now be renamed
- Adjusted Kibou Dialogue
- Fixed a bug with one of the rarer hidden hireables
- Corrected water's tooltip
- Reduced camera speed at fast forward
- Equipping the srill to your drone should no longer cause problems
- Camera will no longer lock to a crewmen when pressing tab
- Adjusted some odd text during the tutorial

FIXED (1.05b):
- ROGUE QUEEN should no longer bug out
- Fixed a crash where sprites sometimes wouldn't load in planet phase (inventory) causing a crash
- Fixed an issue where players were somehow able to put more energy into the ship or ship systems than the game supported, causing a crash
- Fixed a crash sometimes when hovering stations after deselecting crewmen
- Fix artillery description
- Snow should now save properly :)
- Fixed a bug where the disintegrator wouldn't save properly
- Adjusted a few typos
- Quest log item to begin first quest is added to your game on a "skip tutorial" game
- Oloke not progressing (it is, it's just sometimes the dialogue that says how awesome you are is scrolled too quickly, and so added a pause in the text box to make sure you see it)
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Changelog for update 1.06d / GOG-4 (added 03.08.2015):

- A few slight tutorial adjustments
- New battle stations option! Toggle this to give important crewmen a job to snap to when combat begins in space.
- Improved combat AI framework - only a basic AI is in, racial AI will follow soon

- Fixed bug where InternetJanitor lagged the game
- Fixed bug where two InternetJanitor's would spawn, causing a crash when talking to the second one
- Quick Select menu now properly displays tooltips
- Vultures no longer get stuck on the ground
- Huge oloke dino's no longer spawn before their quest
- Fixed a bug where, after using the "Sell all" option, selling other items would always sell all
- Fixed a bug when buying ships and saving at the starport, causing the player to be unable to load
- Fixed a bug where enemy ships that could repair themselves continued to repair themselves while the game was paused
- Fixed a bug where sometimes in the tutorial the game would get stuck on the inital "damaged station" portion

Changelog for patch 1.06c (added 03.08.2015):

- Fixed a bug where if you bought a crewmen, saved, and then loaded from the station it'd crash making that save file completely unable to load
- Fixed a crash when setting screen resolution while on a planet
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Changelog for update 1.06f / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-9 (Linux) / GOG-6 (Mac) (added 25.08.2015):

- Quest log now starts at the most current quest item
- Crew hunger/sleep/bored cooldowns have been extended. As a result they take longer to need food or sleep or entertainment.
- As a result of the above fix, medical stations heal slightly faster
- New trait - radioactive (turns your crewmen green, very very slightly damages a crewman sometimes)
- New Lighting bolt gun, somewhere out there
- Other crew will come to the aid of a crewmen in combat within 2 or 3 tiles, unless being specifically moved by the player
- Mouse wheel support added for the various menus. Everything should work smoothly, but if I missed anything let me know.

- Fixed a bug where enemy ship armor repair amounts were much too fast/high
- Escape now closes menus properly
- Fixed a bug where sell all sold all but 1
- Nano pods should no longer continue while paused
- Fixed a visual bug with boarding ships
- Fixed a bug where, on Trenzalore, a single rank insignia was floating around
- Cargo pods no longer overlap each other causing issues.
- You should no longer get popped out of your ship when a ship station is on the edge of the ship
- Death beams should no longer be mislabed when they drop off an enemy ship
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Changelog for update 1.07 (added 11th September 2015):

- All crew guns have been "normalized" to match the game progression. This means that many weapons had their damage output reduced, some increased, and many didn't change.
- Re-balanced the costs of ships, and some stations
- Crewmen will continue traveling to a point instead of stopping/going when you click the same point multiple times
- Reduced the chance to get items from destroying enemy ships
- Adjusted the chance to have stations damaged, fires, or hull leaks
- You now travel faster on the star map
- Added an Anoa Long Gun
- Guns use their bigger sprite when being purchased

- Fixed a bug where hotkeys were enabled while renaming ships or crew
- Fixed a bug where installing guns could cause a crash
- Fixed enemy ship repair rates being WAYYY too fast
- Using your scroll wheel to toggle through your ships should no longer freak out when said ship is also shaking from an attack
- Disabled fast forward when taking off, should curb most issues with taking off and automatically responding "yes" to leaving crew behind
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Changelog for update 1.07b / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) / GOG-11 (Linux) (added 14th October 2015):

- This is a bit more of a bigger mechanic. Levels you visit will now stay saved for 20 minutes, and will respawn after that. It may increase in the future, but I'd like to see it played first before I change it.

- Bashien Flash Gun
- Suna Seed Dart
- Kaidun Dynamite
- Kursha Stun Prod

- Fixed a game crash in a human space encounter
- Fixed a bug where ships would "flip" nonstop during combat
- Fixed a bug where crew would try to face an enemy on a ledge and then fall off it
- Fixed a floating resources
- Fixed a bug where crewmen would not be entertained by leaving the ship

- Several maps will change over time now, with more to come.
- New Random Event
- The prices of all the crew guns have been adjusted
- Pathfinding should feel a lot "quicker"

What is to come:
There will be a slight gap in updates in the next month with some bigger things on the horizon, so I wanted to warn the players ahead of time!

I have additional content which I am very excited about, but do not want to itemize here until it's complete.
New/Shorter Tutorial
Overhaul of UI

It is mostly UI and Tutorial will take a bit longer than past updates. It's asked about a lot, and it's just one of those things that is a bit more time consuming but has been on our radar!
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Changelog for Patch 1.086 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-9 (Mac) / GOG-12 (Linux) (added 29 August 2016):

- new UI
- more clear, multiple menus
- UI behaves better with different resolutions
- few new NPC's
- new items
- new ship purchasable early on
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Changelog for update 1.089 / GOG-10 (Windows and Mac) / GOG-13 (Linux) (added 19 October 2016):

- Menu placement is now saved
- Adjusted the way sprite scaling works (please give feedback on any resolution errors)

- crash on casino landing
- fixed a bug where hover info/icons would show through the combat UI
- Adjusted the way alerts in the top left corner work
- fixed a few errors on various maps

Patch 1.088
- fixed a bug where loading the game, then taking off, could cause a crash
- Fixed a bug where you could stack items higher than their max stack amount
- clarified tutorial text on allocating power
- fixed a bug where you could spawn bats
- fixed a bug where the shortcuts keys for guns (1-5) only worked some of the time
- fixed a typo on which shortcut works for pausing