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I activated 'Tutorial' in the options to get into the game. However, instead of a scripted introduction that explains the main game mechanics etc., I was presented the main game screen with some accompanying text, that was it. No 'what to do now' etc.
Is there a real in-game tutorial?

Hi pereh,

the in-game tutorial explains the basic game concepts with accompanying text, depending on the context and the screen that is presented.

For an explanation of the game mechanics in more detail you could have a look at one of the game's video / let's play series from streamers and youtubers. I recommend the latest one from DasTactic's Let's Play series. Check out Episode 1 for a great in-depth overview of the game mechanics (galaxy map, colony management and production). It could be seen as a good tutorial to learn how to play the game.
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Hello Adam Solo,
thanks for your answer. I already know 'DasTactic' and his great videos.
But for me is of more use. Here I can search for information I am missing in the in-game tooltips (which are really very good).
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Glad you liked the tooltips. We made them the most informative we could.

And, yes, there's also the great wiki produced by the community, how could I forgot mentioning that :) The wiki should be a good help to learn how to play.
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