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I streamed the game on my twitch channel (same name as in here) and other than some issues in the first day which were solved, the game was stable and interesting.

I made many mistakes, I didn't know or understand some things, which is normal playing a complex game for the first time, even if you are a game veteran as I am.

Would I change anything? Perhaps a change here and there, but nothing I am willing to share as it was just my first game and I have yet to learn the game enough to speak without making a fool of myself.

So far though the game is really good and a solid 4X game in space.
One thing I would like to mention, which I don't often do for games, is the music. I absolutely loved the music.

I will definitely play more of this game, though I don't know if I will for my twitch, youtube or just for me.

II recommend the game if you are into 4X in space games.

OK I will mention one negative thing which boggles my mind as to why it was made this way and has nothing to do with my lack of experience with the game.
When I lost my capital (Earth), why oh why did I get nothing but a simple message on the bottom right?
It was Earth, not Mark Antony in the movie Cleopatra.

Is that how one says it? As simply as that. "The Earth is lost. The Human Capital is lost." "The soup is hot; the soup is cold." "Earth is ours; Earth is lost." Shake with terror when such words pass your lips, for fear they be untrue and humans'd cut out your tongue for the lie! And if true, for your lifetime boast that you were honored to speak its name even in death. The loss of such a planet, must be shouted, screamed! It must echo back from the corners of the universe. "The Earth is lost! Planet Earth of the Humans is no more!"