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1.4.4 'Space Monsters Revamped' Update Released

Hello everyone!

It's ISG's 3rd anniversary since it first released officially! Wow, how time flies, isn't it?

To celebrate the occasion, we're running a sale, and we thought of doing something special, so we have a nice surprise and gift for all of you who have supported us and bought the game. We're offering revamped versions for all the game's Space Monsters (Space Dragon, Crystal Entity, and Space Amoeba) and their respective offspring versions in this new free 1.4.4 update.

Please meet the adult versions (the offspring versions are based on these but still significantly different). A big shout out to our artists Igor Puškarić and Dario Dominguez for the great 3D modeling work!

In addition to the completely fleshed out Space Monsters, 1.4.4 also offers new QoL improvements, tweaks and bug fixes. Please find the release note below.

We hope you enjoy the new update, and let us know if you find any issues. Thanks everyone for buying the game and for the support! If you have a few minutes to spare, and have been enjoying what we do, please leave us a review on GOG! ❤️

Oh, and don't forget to level up your Galactic Empire with our new Evolving Empires expansion today!

Cheers! The Dev Team Praxis Games


Compatibility note: Saves from the previous version 1.4.3 should be compatible with 1.4.4, but it's advisable to start new games to benefit from all the improvements fully.


- New revamped space monsters! All three space monsters (Space Dragon, Crystal Entity, and Space Amoeba) now have completely new 3D models, which are much nicer, bringing the monster models up to par with the empire fleets in terms of graphical quality. The monsters' respective offspring now have their own 3D model, different from their progenitor's and all monsters now have new sound effects too.


- Missile explosion sound volume reduced a bit.


- Leader secondary skills now presented in the combat and colony view tooltips. Previously, only the primary skills were displayed.
- The valid movement positions layer is now displayed with a bit more vivid colors, making it easier to grasp how further a ship can move in the first and second movement actions.
- Ships are now sorted by ship class size and then by crew experience when using the "Ship Class Size" sort in the ships' overview panel.
- The Crew Experience tooltip, shown in space combat, now displays the provided bonuses with a better-structured, and easier-to-read presentation.
- 'Interstellar Geology' culture perk tooltip was revised to clarify that the bonus applies only to mined/extracted sources, it excludes imported strategic resources, or sources obtained from the Galactic Space Port Wonder.
- The population tooltip in the colony view now displays the ETA for the next POP in green to make population growth progress more evident.
- Note added to the wormhole tooltip to clarify that both ends of a wormhole are considered inside supply range, so long one of them is.


- Fixed an issue that could sometimes allow empires to accept a tribute request even when they had way more fleet strength than the requester.
- Fixed a glitch that could cause the 200% value in the production and research sliders in the 'New Game' screen to be cut off and show 20% in certain monitor resolutions.
- Fixed a glitch that could still sometimes cause some kinetic weapon effects to end before they'd reach their targets.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the research modifier of the 'Collective Transcendance' unique ability to not apply on the last turn of the effect.
- Fixed an issue in the hint shown on game start and when loading a game about how leaders gain experience. The whole sentence couldn't be read. That's fixed now.
- Fixed an issue that would cause one instance of Alliance request text made by the Palacean race to reference itself as the empire to ask an alliance from. Now it references the correct empire they wish to ask an alliance from.
- Fixed a glitch that could cause targeted ships to be destroyed without the shot fire being seen. The shot was made, and the damage calculations were happening, but the weapon effect could sometimes not be displayed. This is fixed now.
- Fixed a glitch that would cause a ship to rotate up when clicking on the original ship's position as the destination position for the movement action, i.e. clicking on the same grid space where the ship was.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Space monster offspring to not become visible when they arrived at systems where the player didn't have 'Advanced' scan level, required to spot space monsters, but had sensor range and the player could see the monsters moving there.
- Fixed a rare bug which could cause a leader to receive two level ups in the same turn. By design, a leader shouldn't be able to level up twice in the same turn. This could happen with very inexperienced leaders at game start. Now, it's working as intended.
- Fixed a glitch in the combat screen when using the hotkeys 'X', 'Tab' or 'Space' to cycle through all ships which was causing the mouse cursor to change to 'invalid' target icon instead of the 'targeting' icon, even though you could still fire weapons at the target after you moved to a next ship while keeping the mouse hovering the target.
- Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the 'X' hotkey to declare a ship as done to not work correctly. Pressing 'X' could still sometimes keep cycling through ships that were set as done in that turn.

Evolving Empires
- Fixed a bug that could cause game state corruption when playing with the Draguul affinity with the Sacrificial Lambs evolution perk upon assimilating minor civilizations. This happened when there were more than one minor civ assimilated in the same turn.
- Fixed a bug that could cause colony corruption when obtaining the "free buildings" Zynkeesi minor civ bonus.
- Fixed a bug that would allow a leader to be obtained through raiding a colony with the Kaek affinity's 'Hub and Spoke' evolution perk, which denies access to leaders.
Thank you very much for the update notification and posting the change log. It is very much appreciated. :)
yes letting us know when you make changes is more than most bother to do